Words of Gratitude for Team Putnam

Team Putnam,

We have pondered how to express properly in words gratitude to a group of people that are willingly choosing to put their own health and that of their families at risk to serve the elders and each other at Signature Healthcare of Putnam. We have come to believe nothing that could be said or done would be sufficient, yet telling someone “Thank You” is always most important.

Often today people throw the term HERO around where it doesn’t apply, but we consider each of you a real life hero and feel certain the families, elders and fellow stakeholders of Signature Healthcare of Putnam would agree. A hero is defined as someone that is admired for courage, outstanding achievement or noble qualities. Each of you with your acts of Love at this time is all of those qualities and more representing the essence of this hero ideal. It was once said you find out who you really are when the bullets start flying – AND we found out exactly who each of you were – Warriors and Heroes.

We often “boast or brag” that we have the best team in long term care and this just engraves this belief into our soul further. We love each of you and pray God will honor the work you are doing through bringing yourselves, your families and our precious elders of Signature Healthcare of Putnam through this pandemic safely.

With Love and Appreciation,

Steve Fleming, State Operations President and Cindy Roberts, VP of Clinical Operations
Mid-South Division – Signature HealthCARE