Elders Trip to New York!

New York, New York!

by Angie McAllister

Elders from four Signature HealthCARE homes descended upon the Big Apple today for a week of fun and excitement! The adventure was only just beginning as we stepped off the plane. After a quick lunch at the airport, we all boarded the bus to our hotel near Times Square! Everyone marveled at the size of the buildings and the number of people around us on the way to the hotel. One Elder said, “They sure did make some big buildings here.” Another said, “There’s just everything right here.” None of us could believe the size of the city.

After a quick rest at the hotel, it was time to start walking to dinner. Tonight we ate at Hard Rock Café in Times Square! The Elders always enjoy eating at Hard Rock Café and this one did not disappoint. One lady told me it was the best hamburger she had ever eaten. I can’t help but think it was the excitement within her that made it taste so much better!

The walk to Times Square was breathtaking in so many ways. The Elders stopped along the path so many times, to just take it all in. They couldn’t believe all the “tv screens” that were flashing different things around them. Some even stopped to meet some of the “characters” on the streets of NYC. Their faces lit up with joy and excitement. Each Elder’s eyes held a special light that I had not seen previously. It could only be the true joy that comes from living. Yes, we are living life this week in a way that is bigger than normal!

After dinner, we enjoyed sitting around the hotel lobby with coffee and tea. Everyone shared some stories of their day and what they thought was the best part. Louise, an Elder living in Bardstown, KY told me, “Today was the best day of my life. I am living my dream.”

Life happens all around us. Much like the blur of the city, it passes us by whether we are watching for it or not. Luckily this week, we are able to live life in such a way that most can only dream about. Only one of the Elders and a few stakeholders on this trip have ever been to NYC. This experience will be something they will never forget. In fact, it continues to change the way that others view those who are aging. They are strong pioneers teaching the world how to live life BIG!

Stay tuned for all the adventures of this week! We visit the Statue of Liberty tomorrow!