Signature Empowers CNAs with Innovative Pinnacle Program!

Signature HealthCARE of Putnam County Pinnacle CNA's pictured above.
Signature HealthCARE of Putnam County Pinnacle CNA’s pictured above.

Signature HealthCARE of Putnam County’s innovative Pinnacle program encourages employees to climb to new heights by honing their skills. The Pinnacle program is offered to Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) to grow in their career, not only with personal improvement, but financial as well.

“Our CNAs are the ones who bring joy to our elders every day. To see them grow, challenge themselves, and learn skills that distinguish them in our industry is exciting. This program is what makes being a Signature CNA different from others,” Lee Rooney, administrator at Signature HealthCARE of Putnam County, said. “Knowing that our CNAs are the backbone of our facility, we are rewarding them for wanting to provide the best care possible. By improving their skills our CNAs are displaying their commitment to the elders to which they are entrusted to care for daily” added Rooney.

In addition to honing their skills, CNAs are empowered through the Pinnacle Program to increase their wages, even within their first year of employment with Signature HealthCARE.
Signature CNAs participating in the Pinnacle program have the opportunity to increase their hourly wage by as much as $2.25 per hour once they complete the 3 levels of the program. The program is a tiered system so CNA’s will receive a pay raise for each level they complete. The program’s success is proven with 30 percent of Signature HealthCARE of Putnam County eligible CNAs already having achieved either the first or second level.

Recently, Signature HealthCARE of Putnam County was recognized by Herald-Citizen readers as one of the Best Places to Work in the Upper Cumberland’s. The Pinnacle program is at the heart of why Signature HealthCARE of Putnam County is a great place to work.